Conrad's Beach Nova Scotia

Come and enjoy Canada's Ocean Playground

Welcome to Conrad's Beach

Conrad's Beach is part of the Nova Scotia Coastal Heritage Park System. This system is comprised of three beach's - Lawrencetown Beach, Stoney Beach, and Conrad's Beach.

Conrad's Beach is a great spot to walk in the sand because it boasts loads of it. Conrad's is one of the nicest sand beaches around. And if you're up for the walk, once on Conrad's Beach, if you walk all the way down the rocks on the left side of beach, you can cross over to the opposite side of Stoney Beach. The Lawrencetown River separates Stoney Beach from Conrad's Beach.

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Getting There

The beach is just a slightly shorter drive than it is to Lawrencetown Beach when traveling from Halifax/Dartmouth, Please see the Maps page for the location.

The down side of Conrad's beach? Parking is a problem. The already small parking lot has been closed for years now, leaving the public to park on a small patch of gravel just before the gate. Once that is full - which it often is - parking is on the eastern side of the road only.

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